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Natalie M Schenker-Ahmed

Everyone ages, but how you age depends on your unique combination of inherited traits and how you live your life.

—Natalie M. Schenker-Ahmed

In this time where our daily lives are threatened by a world-wide pandemic, it may be tempting to let go of long-term goals and focus solely on the day-to-day threats. However, I would argue it is even more important today to focus on long-term health. People are still at risk of the same diseases they were before a novel virus arrived at our doorsteps, and the lifestyle choices you make today will affect both your body’s response to COVID-19, if you should happen to get infected, and your long-term health when the current viral threat has dissipated. People still get sick from all the same things they did before the pandemic, and they will continue to do so. Shouldn’t you take the time to make sure you are doing everything to keep yourself healthy no matter what comes your way?

Everyone ages, but how you age depends on your unique combination of inherited traits and how you live your life. Here at Health Nucleus, our mission is to help you live your longest healthiest life, be it through finding early stage cancer so that you can have it treated before it causes significant health problems or threatens your life, or by helping you understand what lifestyle changes you can make to keep from having a heart attack, or discovering the rare genetic variant you have that is impacting your life in ways you are not yet aware of. We start by giving you insights into your current health, using our data-rich platform to provide the most complete snapshot of your health available, including results from whole body imaging and labs. We complement this with a comprehensive analysis of your genetic profile to provide insights into your current and future risk for disease as well as helping you to understand your physical attributes that may guide your lifestyle decisions.
In launching this quarterly magazine, our aim is to address potential obstacles to your ability to achieve your personal longevity goals. Within each issue, we will explore a single relevant topic, such as cancer, dementia, or cardiac disease and provide insights into how the HN experience will help you understand your personal health and risk of disease. If you have a topic you would like to see us explore please let us know!

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-Natalie M. Schenker-Ahmed